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Friday, September 11, Running for Aberdeen Mayor

​Friday, September 25, Field in Aberdeen's mayoral race swells to four​

 Friday, Oct. 2, Beholden only to the voters


Develop Aberdeen with a Citizen Plan

  • Refocus tourism budget to be more inclusive with all of Aberdeen
  • Champion priorities for youth recreational facilities
  • Secure ramp access to post office for seniors & disabled
  • Attract upscale retailers and evening venues
  • Integrate solar energy into development

I am committed to building a consensus with residents to develop Aberdeen in a way that is sustainable, responsible and livable.


   L​​eadership and Experience is evidenced through Advocacy

                                                                                       Protecting Seniors                                                                                                                                                                                           
   Consumer Advocacy proven advocacy regarding complaints of utility                        

                                       company that refused to grant equal rights to a senior. 

   Senior Center resolved issue within Aberdeen Senior Center

                               to have women’s bathroom stalls updated.

                                                                               Strengthening Workforce
   Transportation– prompt response to county prioritizing 11 shuttle bus stops

                                 within Aberdeen to use current grant funds to place shelters and benches.

   Businesspromote establishment of MBE/WBE program, inform all local businesses of Enterprise Zone                                     program, 
host community forum for expunging records of local residents.

                                                                            Valuing Women and Families

   Empathyutilized community resources to facilitate delivery of resources

                       and school supplies to an expectant mom who lost her job and couldn’t drive.

   Building Families – advocated for disabled woman’s visitation rights with her child.

                                                                           Advocating City Accountability

   Public Safety– uphold state authorities position to have police body cameras and car video cameras.

   Homelessness- requested county allocate $75,000 of United Way of Central Maryland

                                grant money for the Family Stability Initiative to be established at Aberdeen Middle School.




       Aberdeen Mayor

​We Can Do Better

​​​Marla Posey-Moss, Community Advocate